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"Very professional service. And very educational too, specially for small business like The Caring Hand. We are still struggling on the process of shifting from a sole proprietorship to a Corporation, however, the process which looks intimidating for us, can become less intimidating as Rose provides the step by step guidance on how to tackle the Agency's books. We appreciate Roses' team which includes Wand and Dora for their professional, friendly and warm manner of dealing with their small business clients, specifically like us who are just a new entrants to the industry. We will definitely recommend Rose and her team to small business owners like us"

-Inhis Hand Corporation DBA The Caring Hand Home Care Referral Agency, San Leandro, CA

"I had the accidental good fortune to meet Rose at a business meet where she introduce herself and her business. Having heard her presentation I knew she was the person to help me. After having been scammed by one of the large firms that represent tax payers who have IRS problems, Rose was indeed a rose among thorns. She took over my case with the IRS and helped me in pursuing a realistic resolution to my serious tax problem. I have been very satisfied with her service, and I would recommend her and her firm to anyone at any time."

-J. Bruce Taylor, Oakland, CA

"Rose amended my 2007 and 2008 tax returns in July of 2010 with amazing results. I've run a small business in Oakland, over the last twenty years and had been doing my own tax returns. I was really unaware of all the deductions and current tax laws. My bookkeeping was not very complete. Being a one-person business I managed to track all my income and expenses through my bank accounts. I had no other documentation. Naturally, I felt like dying when I received the IRS letter in the mail notifying me of an audit. I had underreported my income for both years, 14T in 2007, and 27T in 2008. Facing major back taxes and penalties, Rose calmly explained the process, not promising any significant savings, but that she would work hard to find as many deductions as possible. In the end, I paid $1774 in back taxes for 2008 and nothing for 2007. At the %15 tax bracket, I would have been taxed an additional 4050, thus saving $2275 in tax in 2008. In 2007, additional deductions saved me approximately 2100. The serveice is not inexpensive, but her expertise saved me from many sleepless nights, long term debt and harrassment fro the IRS. Of course, the cost of the service is a tax write-off. In addition, these deductions will continue reducing my taxes for years to come! Thank-You Rose Huie and Staff!"

-Margie Raetz-Bailey, Laurel District, Oakland, Ca

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